qbee.io can help you with a broad variety of security improvements. Some of them are build into our platform by design. These are:

  • secure VPN out of the box
  • system handles dynamic DNS out of the box with no external components
  • possibility to lock down all ports for outside access (recommended)

Besides these qbee.io allows you to:

  • deploy common firewall rules
  • control, detect and delete users and passwords
  • check password age and technology (MD5, RSA-512)
  • rotate / change ssh keys
  • check open ports
  • check running processes
  • restart critical processes
  • update libraries and applications
  • check libraries against a CVE or NIST security database
  • audit trail over configuration changes
  • get notified if a new CVE vulnerability applies to your libraries

With our qbee-connect tool we can grant secure remote access to any remote port from a local machine. This way it is possible to securely operate remote web applications, open ssh terminal sessions orĀ 

For a simple ssh session you can directly connect from our web UI.

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