Server automation has become largely popular. Tools like Puppet, Chef or Ansible are used to manage large data centers. Automation ensures that stability and reliability is guaranteed for a large number of devices. 

But these tools are not developed for small footprint embedded devices. Here steps in and offers similar capabilities with a minimum footprint. Automate and manage your distributed embedded infrastructure with the same quality focus that you are used to from regular server deployments.

Our agent works state based. This means that a current state is defined and the agent automatically converges to that state. Let's assume you want to update your ssh keys regularly (ssh key rotation). If you have a spare devices on an oil rig that device might not be online for years. The second it is put into the system it connects to the main server and retrieves the latest configuration definition (including current ssh keys) and converges to that state. This is in contrast to fire & forget configuration that only reaches the devices you can see online during the configuration run.

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