qbee.io consists of an agent package that we cross-compile to your Linux platform. For standard platforms such as Raspberry Pi, odroid, Ubuntu, most Debian based systems and many others we have the agent package build already. If your platform is not among the listed on our platform page we will quickly cross-compile it for you.

This agent will be securely bootstrapped to our qbee.io platform. All this runs through a VPN connection which again runs over https (port 443). All our services run through this tunnel and this way you will receive device metrics, gain remote access, benefit from many security features and the automation and configuration module that allows you to manage a large number of devices.

qbee-connect is our desktop client that also uses a secure VPN connection to enable you to access remote devices as if you are sitting in front of them. Across company firewalls or mobile networks. Use your ssh shell or access a remote GUI app like node-red without any additional configuration or server setup.

qbee.io helps you to see many different devices in one management interface or you can focus on one device type only. In any case you do not need to do any development all VPN infrastructure is already build in and configured and operated by us. Therefore you do not need any development and not even a fixed IP address for your devices.

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